Heathen Is Such A Ham!
Tuesday, Aug 18,2009

Here are a couple of pix of Heathen (formerly Sullivan). He’ll be 3 this October so he’s considered fully grown for a GSD. Size-wise, he was definitely the runt of the litter. He’s barely taller than Groucho. But his imperfections don’t matter one bit. He is cute as a bug and has the personality of a giant! He also knows he’s the “baby” of the pack and will whine to get his way…

One day I’ll take a video of him running his figure 8 patterns in the back yard. Nobody would ever think he was blind by watching him. If he gives a scared sounding bark or yip, his big sister Dolly will get up from wherever she is in the house or yard and come check him out to make sure he’s ok. Dolly and Groucho both will move between Heathen and the fence when my neighbor and I are standing there talking. Neither one of them will let somebody who doesn’t live in our house get close to Heathen until they check out the person or are given a command to back off. Even though Heathen has used both of them as a chew toy at one time or another, they still take care of him because they know he can’t see. Conversely, they will also stand still in one spot in the back yard and let him run around in circles trying to find them. LOL!

Hopefully one of these weekends we’ll make it to an event and everyone can see him. Enjoy the pics, and keep up the good work.