Heidi Likes To Watch TV
Thursday, Nov 30,2006

Thought I’d give you a little update on Heidi. I should have a picture or two shortly for all of you at GSROC. My Aunt Bobbie, that you met when you brought Heidi over, went to Phoenix to see a friend of hers and took the digital camera with her and I didn’t know it. So once I get her photos on to a CD, I can take some photos of Heidi.

Heidi went for an introductory visit to see her new vet, Dr. Martini (You just gotta love that name!) She captured hearts as all of his staff came in to see her and pet her and tell her how pretty and sweet she was. (He likes all of his staff to meet every new patient.) The Doc gave her a once over, noted when she’d need vaccines again, gave a list of what type of toys and chews that she was and wasn’t allowed, and told me I got a great dog. By the time she left, I was afraid that her head would be so big from all of the “You’re so pretty!” that I couldn’t get it in the car door! Then, every time I walk her in the park, at least one or two people always comment on how pretty she is and she seems to be okay with the kids we run in to over there. She just wins everybody over.

She has her new holiday collar, a new doggy Christmas stocking, and has “Christmas shopped” for her doggy cousins, Lucy the Basset Hound and Owen the Cavalier. (Needless to say, she has found a dog-loving family. Word travels fast in my family when someone has a new dog).

She is also the first dog I’ve ever had that actually watches TV. There was a dog show on Animal Planet and she was laying down with her head toward the TV and appeared to be watching it. Then, they showed a close up of a black & tan German Shepherd. She cocked her head, jumped up, went over to the TV screen and sniffed about one inch in front of the screen. She stepped back when she couldn’t smell the dog, and went and looked behind the TV! I’ve never seen a dog do that before.

Well, she’s a smart girl who’s bonding well with her new family. We’re so happy to have been able to get her. She’s our little sweetheart.