Hello From Daisy
Tuesday, Nov 27,2007

Hey Gang, Just wanted to give you all a long overdue update on me. I was adopted by the a family in Corona CA back in 2001. Wow what a great family. The daughter and I have grown up together she was only one when they took me home. She and I play outside a lot and I always sit by her at family dinner (She use to drop a lot of food on the floor) in 2006 we had another blessing arrived now I sit by her. haha. We all moved to Murrieta this year and now I have twice the size backyard as Corona did. I spend a lot of time with playing ball. During the day, a help keep an eye on the kids because they always go a 200mph and it helps mom with an extra pair of eyes. I only have one bad habit I still like to dig but now I have a spot all to myself if I want to dig a little. We are going to try and visit before the holidays.