Hello To My Rescue Angels
Tuesday, Aug 28,2007

This is Izzy (Isabella) formerly Puppy Jada. Just wanted to write and tell you how grateful I am that you found my new mother. I am so happy. I now get regular meals and have been putting on weight, in a good way. My new mother had a dog door when I arrived, but for some reason I am unable to get through it anymore, but no worries, she had it made bigger now I have can come and go like my new brother (Charlie Brown) and sister (Lucy). I am the queen dog here, but don’t tell my mom, she thinks she is in charge. I have a huge yard, lots of toys, my own bed with mom. My mom thinks I’m a little insecure because I like to carry my babies (toys) around and I make this crying noise. Really I only do it because she thinks I look real cute when I do. As for my ears, well take a look at me now. They stand straight up, most of the time. Will I ever grown into them? I don’t know why everyone tells my mom after looking at me that she is going to need a bigger SUV. Should I know something?

Well Angels I really can’t thank you enough. We are all happy here. I’m loved by all of my new families friends and family.

All my love and I will keep in touch. Please keep us informed of any events and such near us, we would love to attend.