Hey Now! Where Is Dad Supposed To Sleep?
Tuesday, May 29,2007

First night day of adoption Luca slept on the floor next to the bed. Second night Luca slept in the bed and I slept on the floor next to the bed! What’s wrong with THAT picture? Nothing at all if you are either female or German Shepherd!

Luca is such a great pup! We think he never owned his own toys before though because every toy he has acquired so far I think is now well hidden somewhere in the backyard! He is apparently not grasping the concept that he can own as many toys as his little heart desires now and no one is gonna steal em!

95 lb GSD Harry and new pup Luca have already invented a few new doggie games, their favorite one so far involves chasing each other round and round the big pepper tree in the back yard!…Whew! I don’t get the point really because no one is ever caught, nor is it at all clear who is chasing whom after two laps or so! It just makes us dizzy and tired just to watch! 13 year old Australian Terror “Miss Georgia aka George” (17 lbs soaking wet by the way) just LOVES Luca! For one thing, now Harry has finally stopped buggin’ her to play because he has Luca!, Miss Georgia who was really getting so very tired of canine soccer (seeing as she always had to be the ball!) is now saying “Oh Thank You Luca!! What a relief!”