Hi From Guinness (Formerly “Star”)
Tuesday, Aug 28,2007

Here is a recent family photo with my GUINNESS (formerly “Star” and adopted from GSROC on February 4, 2006)… she’s now about 2 1/2 and is very healthy, happy and smart as a whip!(She’s “Large and In Charge” at 105 pounds, too ;-). Little Miss Guinness is my Social Butterfly and loves all people and (most) dogs…. she still can’t understand why people are first intimidated by her presence! Nothing escapes her keen senses either… and needless to say, I feel extremely safe in my home 24/7 ;-).

Guinness’ brother, Holtz is the BIG Male in the middle (3 1/2) and Guinness also has a recently adopted little sister, “Bailey”, from the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter/ March 17, 2007… St. Paddy’s Day! (Bailey was abandoned in Laguna Beach Canyon, if you can believe it, as a little puppy). She and Guinness have the exact same markings… right down to the sable between their toes 😉

My “3 Furry Children” are just THE BEST…. and I wish I could take 30 more home with us!!! Our best wishes for all the wonderful work that you all do for the German Shepherds at!

Luv, Hugs, Kisses & Puppy Paws,