Hokie Is Doing Awesome!
Thursday, Aug 02,2012

Here is an update on our precious Hokie. She and I went to a rattlesnake avoidance class last weekend. She passed with flying colors. She is SO smart. She was first in her puppy class, first in her intermediate class and first in her advanced training class. She has her AKC “Good Citizenship” certificate now. We could not ask for a better dog. She is the best dog ever!!!!! I go on the GSROC website often to see who has been adopted. I am thrilled for all of them but was very thrilled to see Flash, Angel and Gustav find forever homes. All the stories are so touching. What a great organization GSROC is!!! I tell everyone about it. We are always stopped when we are out with Hokie to be told how beautiful she is. Thanks for people like you.