Hondo (formerly Kip) Update
Wednesday, Sep 05,2007

I just wanted to give you an update on Hondo/Kip as he will be hitting his 6 month birthday in a couple of weeks. He is now 45 pounds and filling out everyday. He will have completed his puppy education class by the time you get this and did very well. He is a quick learner and enjoys pleasing us. He loves to run and play with Token in the park and enjoys our daily walk/runs every morning and evening. People always stop us and ask what kind of dog he is. We tell him we got him from the GSROC so he is part shepherd (somewhere) and maybe Golden Retreiver or Irish Setter (because of his red coat). He is so much a part of our family now and I think he is happy here too. All those involved in this wonderful organization deserve much praise for all the love and hard work you put into making these puppies and dogs so very special.