Howard And His Kitty Love To Chill Out!
Monday, Jun 20,2011

Greetings GSROC…. We adopted our Howard from you 1 year ago. He was not the most outgoing dog, in fact, he was rather surly. He was 13 yrs old, missing half an ear, blind in one eye, and covered in scars from being a pitbull bait dog. No one wanted him… Their loss is our treasure. What a WONDERFUL dog he turned out to be. It didn’t happen overnight, but eventually it did. He is a lover boy. He is the perfect dog. I can’t imagine our lives without this beautiful boy. Here he is on our deck with “his” kitty…. Thank you so much for trusting us with our sweet Howard. And please, please, tell people not to overlook the less than perfect dogs, they turn out to be the best ones of all…