Huggy Bear Goes To Cleveland National Forest
Tuesday, Aug 31,2010

We hiked the San Juan loop, which turned out to be quite a trail. We got back to the parking lot pretty tired. We stopped by the candy store near the parking lot, and we treated ourselves to some ice cream, but since Huggy couldn’t eat ice cream, we got him two bandannas; a red one and a yellow one. We put the red one on immediately. He looks so handsome in it, we decided to leave it on when we got home.

Huggy has also started obedience training. He is smart, and he is catching on to the training assignments very quickly. We were fortunate to find a great positive trainer who teaches not even 5 minutes away from our house. We are working toward getting the AKC “Good Citizen” Certification for him. It’s still a long road ahead, but we are working patiently with Huggy. We are determined to make this experience great and rewarding for all of us.

Miyako and I still check the GSROC web site frequently. We get so excited when we see some of the dogs get moved from the “Dogs For Adoption” list to the “Adopted Dogs” list. Hopefully, all of the dogs will have a happy ending for them.

I wish you good luck with all of your dogs at GSROC. I will keep you updated on Huggy with more good news in the future.