I enjoy sitting in my special chair and watch movies…
Wednesday, Mar 08,2006

My name is Theodore James Barker, II (or TJ for short).  I was adopted by my mom on May 1st, 2004. My name then was Dallas. When I came to Riverside with her, I was too frightened to go outside to walk or to come out from behind a chair in the living room.  I had a tough life before I found my real mom who loves me dearly (and I kind of like her, too!).  
I now sleep wherever I choose, love to go walking and running at the park.  I love treats and enjoy sitting in my special chair to watch a movie. I love to have my Aunt Sherry come and stay with me when Mom is gone. I am still timid but I have come a very long way.  Thank you for rescuing me from the shelter and helping me find my forever home!