I have never enjoyed a pet as much…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

Thor is doing wonderfully. When I first got him he weighed 78 lbs–now he weighs 102 solid and looks like a real German Shepherd now. We hike and play about 10 or 25 miles in the mountains back of us each day and he is the perfect dog. Never strays, doesn’t chase other dogs, some rabbits but comes right back. He is always looking back to keep me in sight. He is friendly to all dogs and we meet hundreds hiking in the hills. I have never had a dog that would mind and I don’t ever have to raise my voice. I just call his name and motion and he comes immediately. That is what makes it all worthwhile. He is so fun to go out with and not having to worry about a thing. I have never enjoyed a pet as much. I love this BOY and he is so responsive and thankful for anything done for him. Someone lost a perfect dog but that is my gain. Again thank you for Thor.