I wouldn’t trade my baby for all the tea in China
Sunday, Jul 16,2006

Heidee loves her Scooby Snacks and Marrow Snacks. She also likes Slim Jims, which the owner of the Liquor store across the street gives her once in a while when we pass by there. It’s usually towards the end of our walk. She likes French Vanilla ice cream and has started stealing my black licorice from me. 😉 She hasn’t done any barking at all, but she does have a certain whine that she uses on me when it’s time to get up and go for her walk.

She is going through her shedding season, WOW can she ever shed! I am not a vacuum lover and neither is Heidee. The fur can fill a bag in a short time. I’ll comb her fur and get what I can out and after a while we’ll play a bit. She likes to do some light wrestling and teasing.

All in all –
I wouldn’t trade my baby for all the “Tea in China” as the saying goes.

Your German Shepherd (animal loving) friend,