Iko Has His Own Lyrics!
Friday, Jul 30,2010

Iko (formerly Rocco) rocks! He’s doing really well and getting a lot of attention. He fits in nicely. We’re walking him twice a day, and he gets really playful after his evening walk. He also likes to sleep soundly–he reminds me a little bit of my teenage daughter in that regard. Here’s a photo of him crashed out with his toys. I’ll try to get some photos of him outside where he’s a little livelier.

We love him; he’s so sweet and mellow. I took him to the vet for a heartworm check (which was negative, which is good), and they were impressed with how calm and well behaved he was. We feel lucky to have him!

I also have a collar I will mail back to you for another one of your dogs. Thanks also for the folder that came with him; it was full of helpful information.

Our last dog, Lola, had a couple of popular tunes (one by the Kinks, another by Barry Manilow) “about” her, so we thought it would be fun if our new dog did, too. As I told you on the phone, we’re thinking about calling Rocco “Iko,” from the classic rock ‘n roll song “Iko, Iko, ” recorded in the 1960s by a New Orleans girl group called the Dixie Cups. The Dixie Cups’ big hit was “Chapel of Love. “Here’s the “Iko, Iko” song: