Ilsa Is Doing Well
Tuesday, Oct 06,2015

She seems to be settling in. Everyone loves her. We have been working on some training with her and she seems to learn very fast. She has a long way to go but I know we will get there. We are keeping her at home and not taking her to many places yet but she loves our back yard. I wanted her to get use to us and not add any unnecessary stress. She is such a sweet girl and I think with a few more months of training and family love she will be a perfect dog. She seems very happy to have a home. We did change her name from Molly to Ilsa (Elsa but with an I). She is part of our family now and we all love her very much already. Thank you for making it happen so fast, I’m sure Ilsa would thank you herself if she could. We will bring her by an event to say Hi.