In Keri’s Words
Sunday, Apr 19,2009

Keri’s Story:

I was born in Covina ,CA on Jan 15, 2009, was fostered locally, and then moved to Orange County where I remained until I found my Forever home back in Covina on March 20, 2009. I have a Lab sister, and a Rotty mix brother who have both decided that I am pretty special. They & our Mom lost their beloved GS in December which must be why I was sent to them. She was a magnificent White GS & I am an Exquisite Black GS. I think she wanted me in their lives as she knew they needed me. I’m sorry we didn’t know each other as we would have been an unbelievable duo, complimenting each other in every way imaginable.

Not only am I extremely intelligent, sweet, loving, playful & intuitive, I’m just totally adorable! I didn’t say modest. I have taught my siblings how to play again. What fun we have until we all drop exhausted. Then it’s time for another nap. They each think they are the “big dog”, but I know that will change as I grow up, but I will always love & respect them and treat them as kindly as they have treated me as a new puppy in the family.

They let me bite their tails, ears, & take their toys. We are pretty good at wrestling too, & exchange a few kisses – although Mom gets most of those. Our Mom thinks we are the end-all and spends a lot of time with us. We know just how much we are loved, & we give it back ten-fold as we know we are her special blessings & were meant to be a family. I hope my litter-mates are enjoying their happy new homes too!

I want to thank everyone at GSROC who spent so much time & effort helping me get to where I was supposed to be- HOME FOREVER & DEEPLY LOVED.