Introducing Ginger Spice and Tomo Kita!
Friday, Aug 27,2010

They are growing everyday!!! As you can see the girls have new names – Mindy is now Ginger Spice and Meg is now Tomo Kita. Tomo means friend/companion in a Zen Japanese Dialect and Kit is short for the energy of compassion.

It’s amazing – They are both so eager to please and are very sociable and people oriented. They have both begun to make friends with the older dogs, Ruthie and Cosmo. Ruthie and the girls were actually all three rolling around on my roommates floor the other night. Cos is not so much into play, but he is warming up to Tomo, his look alike, as she doesn’t jump up into his face like Ginger. They love playing and playing in the back yard just the two of them or with the other dogs..

I have stared crating them separately in my room at nights – Rodger leant us a second crate – Tomo has actually just walked right into hers a few times now and seems to be quite content. Ginger is very happy once settled, but would rather be on the bed with me… I have let them both up with me on a limited basis. I have started walking them, just the two of them and with the others. Ginger gets the idea of walking in a pack and is trying to figure out her place, whereas Tomo is rather not interested in walking with the pack, but whatever catches her eye or nose =)) We call her the doodah one 😉