Iryss Now Dylan Is Noah’s New BFF
Tuesday, Dec 04,2007

I’m writing to you to in regards to Iryss. I have attached a photo with myself, Iryss and Noah. The photo was taken in New Mexico up in the mountains. The dogs had a blast hiking with us in the snow and just being silly!! We are currently living in Texas until Dec and then on to beautiful Santa Fe, NM for the remaining part of winter then back to San Diego for summer OF COURSE! We actually renamed Iryss (as she has turned out to be quite the tom boy) her name is Dylan and she immediately responded to it, suits her perfectly. Her San Diego days were filled with trips to the beach, dog parks and hanging out at the local Starbucks (she is quite the social girl!). She loved the ocean instantly and it was actually impossible to get her out. Noah & Dylan are so great together. They wake up and immediately nuzzle and talk to each other, which quickly turns into a wrestling match. We love her dearly, Noah loves her and she is OBSESSED with him everything he does, she does the same. Well, that’s the update on Dylan aka Iryss. As you can see what a happy and well adjusted dog. Thanks again.