Isa Has A Throne Of Her Own
Thursday, Jul 30,2009

She is doing great! We re-named Sally, “Isa”, it means strong willed in German….and she is strong willed! Isa loves the bed we got her and she sleeps on it next to our bed at night. She sleeps all through the night and gets up with me in the morning to do her walk and then she starts to act like a hyper puppy again for awhile. Its my favorite time with her because she acts really silly and tests my boundaries. She seems to like coming to work with me. I only take her in for a few hours a day right now because it is still stressful for her and I don’t want to overwhelm her.
Her and Roscoe get along great. He is still the alpha dog- she submits to him, but she is starting to get more brave. Today she actually encouraged him to play with her for the first time by pulling him out of his dog house by the blanket he was laying on! She is a gentle giant. I attached a picture. She has claimed this chair outside and we all lay in it together!
Thanks again for all your help with her. We are so happy to have her. I’m so glad she can put the stressful part of her life behind her and finally act like a puppy should.