It Feels Like She’s Been Here Forever…
Monday, May 24,2010

Daisy Mae (formerly Dutchie) hasn’t been with us long, but it feels like she’s been here forever! As the new dog to our current pack she could hold her own from the very first day. She is loving her new dog bed which looks out on “her” backyard, and the new rug on the stoop keeps her cushioned comfortably for napping outside when the weather permits. She no longer acts like a senior citizen and enjoys romping with her new fur friends. Many of our friends have come to meet the new addition and have all loved her!

She uses her best manners any time we have company or when out and about the city. She’s enjoys visits to the bark park and acts like a pup when meeting new friends. Because our friends know us they are not surprised that we choose Daisy Mae, we have adopted several elderly dogs from our local pound over the years. We have a soft spot for the older dogs as they are less likely to be adopted by a family. Some we’ve only had a couple of years before they passed away, it is always very hard on us, but we want to provide a warm, loving home to dogs that have run out of options. We’re so happy I stumbled on the GSROC website! We took one look at Daisy Mae and knew we had to bring her home! The first couple of weeks she was somewhat guarded but now she loves us as much as we love her! Thank you for all you do to get these beautiful “rescues” a new lease on life. Bless you all.