It’s All About Sabrina
Wednesday, Jul 15,2009

I had planned on surprising you with an update on July 11th since it would be Sabrina’s one year anniversary, amazing how fast the year went by!! She is doing so well, we’ve been enjoying her and are so happy to have her a part of our family. She’s gotten bigger but is still “petite” weighing 56 lbs., she’s sweet and also a brat sometimes (she loves to be the center of attention and gets jealous when we give our son’s dog (Troy) attention). We say “it’s all about Sabrina!”. She loves to play ball and frisbee, wrestle with Troy and play chase, and of course her number one favorite thing is WATER! Playing chase with the water hose, her pool, and most of all swimming in the lake at our Arizona house. She is such a good traveler, she sleeps to and from and likes to ride in the boat as well. She’s very smart and learns quickly, goes to work with us every day and we’re still working on not barking when someone buzzes to come in our office. Other than that she is a joy and we just love her!
I hope all is well with you and everyone at GSROC! Again we thank you for your dedication and hard work in helping so many puppies and dogs find their forever homes, you do such a great job. I’ll keep in touch and send pictures periodically of Sabrina so you can see what she’s been up to! Have a great summer