It’s Civil Justice And Her Boy Tristan!
Wednesday, Jun 09,2010

I call her Civil (formerly Cybil) Cyote(Ky-ote, because of the silver stripe down her back, like a coyote) Justice.

She fits in real well now, we had a little bit of a time with her and my Golden-doodle in the beginning but all is good now. She just really doesn’t like male dogs. She even had a run in with the neighbors pit bull down the street- he was off the leash. I guess, they won’t let that happen again, Civil definitely can hold her own!
Civil likes to be the dominate dog which isn’t a problem with the golden-doodle, Beau- he’s got the retriever, very lazy personality so he just goes with the flow.
Jamie, who is a Giant Schnauzer and Civil’s constant playmate, the two seem to sometimes take turns with dominate dog- which is all very interesting. I’d say Civil is leader 80% of the time and just to puff up Jamie’s chest a bit, Civil let’s Jamie run the show about 20% of the time. Civil is really Brilliant, she has a magnificint mind, Jamie on the other hand, has a less than an average IQ and Beau is somewhere in the middle, more of a thinker than a doer.
Well, the 3 of them make up quite an interesting pack to say the least- but they are our pack and we love them all! Civil has made a perfect addition!
Thank you so much!