Jackson With His “Einstein Look”!
Saturday, Apr 07,2012

My wife Natalie and I went to Centinela Pet & Feed location in Costa Mesa for a GSROC (German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County) event. We knew right away that Jackson was the dog for us from the moment he rolled on his back and gave us his paw.

GSROC is a caring organization that truly goes out of its way in rescuing dogs who were abandoned or simply couldn’t be kept for one reason or another. Their volunteers are full of compassion and are all about finding the right home for their rescue animals. I was quite impressed that they would actually send someone to come to your home to see the environment that their dogs would be put into and gladly made suggestions to better care for the dogs new home. If you’re thinking of getting a GSD, I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this organization that has so much to offer and a truly painless process that benefits the dog in which will be going into a caring home. It was amazing to see how many beautiful dogs they have on hand at any given time, and being able to take them on a walk, on lead (leash) to see its temperament and ability to get along with its new home. I also liked how GSROC would list the individual dogs character and whether it had any basic command training down; this let me know that they took the time to get to know each and every dog that they took in…

Lastly, no I have no affiliation with GSROC, but simply an Alumni of a caring organization looking to place a loving GSD in to a good home
Jackson has been a true keeper that simply needed some TLC to flourish. Yes he’s spoiled, but as you can see from his pictures he has come a long way from his initial 75lb weight to 85/90lbs of joy!