Jada Goes Home To Sleepy Hollow!!
Sunday, Mar 04,2007

Jada (a tall 4-year-old female) met me at the Yorba Linda PetSmart adoption event on February 3rd, only a couple of hours after her owner turned her in there. She got a good grooming with her new friend, Joe, the following Monday and looks like a new girl! She likes Joe, but will need some dog-socialization at dog school, which starts next month. We will do obedience training and also agility. She is a real lovie-smoocher with people, including children. She is now house-trained, and loves being a comfort queen in the house, sleeping on our bed at night. Car rides are high on her list of treats; she falls asleep as soon as we hit the road – and, of course, she loves going for walks. Jada is very playful, too, and has plenty of chewies and squeeky toys. Tomorrow she will get her first rattlesnake vaccination, as we live in the hills. Jada is settling in very well, learning our routines and rules, and providing friendship for Joe (who had been grieving over the loss of his lifetime friend, Ileene). Of course, she’s giving innumerable gifts to me, as well!!! We’re looking forward to many wonderful years together, full of challenges and adventures and snuggles!!!!! A happy ending indeed!