Jasper And His Roomie Charlie Brown!
Monday, Feb 22,2010

Hi to everyone at GSROC.. First I wish to thank my friend Susi for continuing to encourage me when I felt I was not going to be able to help Jasper be all that he can be.
Thanks Susi!

We adopted Jasper last May. He is a sweet, loveable, soft, active boy. He has so much energy that I was affraid he would never listen. Well let me tell you he has been the STAR of his obedience classes and they are paying off.

We go RVing at least once a month and my fear was that Jasper would get out or off his leash and I would not be able to get him to come back. This past weekend we were at San Onofre State Beach with our camping group (5 dogs total) (people too of course!) and Jasper did great. He loves the sand and I was able to take him for a very long walk and then take him off his leash….he came when called, he chased me and his roommate Charlie Brown. We had so much fun. Let me tell you all that you too should never give up. These dogs are fabulous!

Thanks and keep up the great work GSROC!!!!