Jello (now Gracy) Is Safe At Home At Last!
Thursday, Jun 19,2008

We can’t thank you enough for letting us adopt Gracy. We just love her, her personality is perfect for us. We went to Petsmart and took her in with us. She was perfectly behaved. Everyone made comments about how beautiful she was (and I was very proud of her) and when we told them we had just adopted her from GSROC, the response was so positive. She got lots of hugs. The clerk actually gave us coupons for adopting her. We bought a pad for the crate and she loved it. She actually laid her head down on the way home. Marty took the crate out and was washing it so I laid the pad down on the driveway and Gracy immediately laid on it and rubbed her head all over it. In the house, I had her on the leash for a awhile then when I took it off and got busy in the kitchen she went straight to the crate and got in and seemed real comfortable. Marty was brushing her and she was so calm and seemed to like being brushed. We just fed her and she is now resting in her crate. Here are a few pics. Again, thank you.