Jerry Lee And Roxy Just Love Each Other
Thursday, Feb 07,2008

Mimi wasn’t responding to her name so I changed it to Roxy. Jerry Lee and Roxy just love each other. They play all day and never leave each other’s side. You weren’t kidding when you said she was full of energy. She is still a lot of puppy and likes to chew things she shouldn’t, dig, and jump on the counters. But it’s nothing I can’t fix. It’s hard to stay mad at her when she jumps on the couch and gives kisses. She is just full of character and makes me laugh. She gets along great with my two year old nephew. She chases him all around and gives him kisses. She feels like his stuffed animals are his as well and he should share. That’s the puppy in her I guess. The dogs just love each other and are a perfect match for each other. Here are some pictures of what Jerry Lee and Roxy to best and all day…PLAY.