Jessie Goes Camping!
Monday, Sep 28,2009

We just returned from a trip to the gold country and thought you might like to see Jessie(formerly Katie)on her first outing to the forest! She was nervous the first 2 days, but then gained her confidence and seemed to have a great time. She was terrific in crowds and we didn’t have too much trouble with dog aggression. I think we’re finally getting a handle on that.

The 3rd photo is Jessie with her companion Max. We adopted him from the OC shelter about 3 months ago. We still have a lot of work to do with this little guy – no training at all!!

Jessie is doing great – she wears out easily due to her heart, but so do I so we’re a good match. We were so proud of her on this trip. People stopped to admire her where ever we went.