Jetta Goes Camping!
Sunday, Jun 06,2010

Here are some pictures of Jetta and her first camping trip. She is doing really well! She wines every time she sees the cat, all she wants to do is lick him. She likes to jump over the baby gate when we leave, so we’ve had to block off the stairs and laundry room while we are out.We’ve trained her to wait until we pray and say amen before each meal…it’s really cute. She is having a little problem meeting people, she growls at first and backs up, so we are working on that. We don’t want her to do that as she gets older, it scares people. We think she is just nervous, but we don’t really know. Last night we had friends over for dinner and ate in the back patio. Jetta was showing off the whole time! She brought out every toy and was running laps the entire time. We had never seen that before, it was awesome! We love her so much, and thank you for all you did for her. I’m sure I could go on forever, but I’ll stop.