Jody has become part of our family…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

Thanks to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.
We adopted Jody – a one year old German Shepherd. Your group was very helpful in assisting us to find a dog that was just right for our family. Jody has been great with the kids. She’s especially gentle with our 8 year old daughter and 7 month old son. We put our 13 year old son (Matthew) in charge of teaching, raising and integrating Jody into our family. This has worked out so well. Our son has learned new responsibility and gained a great companion in the process.

Jody has become part of our family in just one week’s time. She is very smart and learning new commands and tricks each day. The training exercises have benefited our family in developing a great relationship with Jody. We have found that she really enjoys praise and play. We spend lots of time with her indoors and outdoors.

We feel Jody is a blessing from God to our family. We are so thankful to the role the German Shepherd Rescue played in delivering this blessing to us.