JoJo And Sam
Thursday, Aug 09,2007

It took JoJo less than five minutes to adjust to her new home. It took her that long to learn about the dog door, and she never looked back. We have had her for a month and it already seems like she has always been part of our family. She loves her sister, Sam, and Sam loves JoJo even more. They are quite a team, even if they aren’t always a quiet team. They love tearing around the backyard, and playing under the dining room table while we are eating.

JoJo is a rambunctious puppy, full of life and fun. She is smart, loving, and eager to please and to learn. She is great with dogs and other people, and she already loves her extended pack– her four grandparents, my brother Kevin and his family, and she especially adores my sister, Jackie.

We could not be happier with her.