Journey Is Not So Little Anymore!
Tuesday, Apr 01,2008

Just wanted to check in and let you know the little girl is doing great…..if you call 30lbs at 13 weeks little!!!

Quinncy (my 12 yr. old lab) and Journey are a matched pair….always looking for each other and playing together. Journey is the typical little sister who enjoys biting Quinncy hard on the butt and then hiding behind me for protection. Ha!

She’s very smart…eager to sit, stay, shake, etc. when asked and has only had one accident in the house. Q & Journey share the side of my bed (floor) piled with dog beds. Her crate is open at the foot of the bed, but prefers to be close to Quinncy. Both of the girls sleep through the night and are very sweet in the morning….waiting patiently to be let outside.

Thanks for finding Journey-girl for us. We have all fallen in love!