Kahlua Is The Queen Of Her Domain!
Monday, Jul 27,2009

The girl-dog you call “Nola” has been “Kahlua” since we became her mom and dad. She is definitely our baby and we love her so much. She is a beautiful, noble dog with great intelligence. She is an excellent watchdog but not at all aggressive. She is curious about people but, when Ken & I are there, she just wants to sniff. I think I told you that we discovered early on that she has seizures periodically. Our vet told us how to keep her safe if she has one and to follow up with him if they start to become more frequent or are of longer duration. So far, they are infrequent and she recovers from them quickly. She is the queen of her domain which is our VERY large backyard. She sleeps and eats in the house with us and is inside any time we can get her to stay put for awhile. She loves to be by her gate so she can see out to the front of the house and make her presence known to anyone in the neighborhood.