Kaia Loves To Work From Home…
Saturday, Jan 12,2013

Just wanted to send you some picture of Kaia aka Eve, she is doing great and we love her so much! She has been such a great addition to our family. She is getting big, 45 lbs at her last weigh in, has a beautiful coat and is the talk of the neighborhood when go for our walk every day. She gets she’s looks like a “coyote” and “fox” all the time. But mostly people can’t get over how cute her face and ears are.

She’s very vocal and wakes us up every morning with her loud yawns and stretches, it’s really funny actually. She did great in puppy training also.

Anyways we just wanted to say thanks again for letting us take her home and taking such good care of her while she was waiting to be adopted. Happy New Year!