Karley Is A Hero In Our Eyes!
Saturday, Feb 11,2012

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Karley;

Last Thursday my son was making something in the oven when something had dripped creating a lot of smoke and setting off the smoke alarms. Now, I have kind of have an “upgraded” smoke detection system with commercial buzzers and strobes in one part of the house and Karley was in my office with me and she became quite distressed. I could tell that the sound was causing her pain because she put her ears back, and her head down and she was trying to get away from the noise. I quickly ran her outside where she stayed until I could get everything shut down.

This morning, my wife was making a birthday breakfast for my daughter who was still in bed. I was still sleeping but I knew that my wife was awake and downstairs cooking and the dogs were in the backyard playing. Given my wife’s cooking skills, I was not surprised to hear all of the smoke alarms going off once again. I covered my head with the pillow and felt comfortable that I could quickly fall asleep again.

Being a nice day, the back door was open so a few seconds later, I felt a violent thump on the bed and then a cold wet nose plowed its way under my pillow and flipped the pillow off of my head. Karley stood over me until I sat up and then she jumped off of the bed and ran towards the door, stopping and looking back until I got up. She quickly ran downstairs, pausing every few steps to look back.

I know that under different circumstances, you would be hearing about this in the news and they would be calling her a hero but luckily this time she only saved me from the burnt toast. I still felt compelled to share the story because in my mind, she’s still a hero.