Kasey, Now Cody Finds His Forever Home…
Thursday, Jun 01,2006

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding Kasey. We changed his name to Cody. He is adjusting very well to our family and is a very sweet dog and loves our two little girls. He just showers them with kisses! We have him enrolled starting next week in Dog school which should help since some of his “puppy nature” has come out. When we left him the other day, he had access to the bathroom and we came home to an entire roll of toilet paper all over everywhere! We humans learn fast…Yikes! He has had no potty accidents in the house which is great and he LOVES his toys! Funny story, yesterday my 3.5 year old was bringing some princess toys out into the family room and I walked by her and Cody was following her, gently carrying one of her Cinderella dolls that had dropped on the way and brought it out to her. It was very cute!