Katie Finds Her Family!
Sunday, Feb 06,2011

Thank you, GSROC, for finally finding me someone my age to love and care for me! I have a new Daddy, Jim, who is 6’5″ and very handsome! I gave him lots of kisses as soon as I met him! Shelly, my new mom, is a cute and very GSD savvy lady who will take care of my ears and make sure I get all the treatment I need for my health. I am still very strong and like to go on walks, so they will facilitate my exercise every day. Mostly I get to hang out in the house with Jim and keep him company, as he is retired and very smitten with me! I was so relieved today to get into my new home! I was a very good girl on the trip to the high desert. I get to watch the Super Bowl game with my new family tomorrow! Jim wanted to give me steak tomorrow, but Auntie wouldn’t let him! Oh well, I like my food anyway and I have healthy treats to keep me satisfied while everyone else eats steak!

Thank you for Katie! She’s wonderful!