Kayla Is a Blessing
Monday, Sep 17,2007

Thank you for absolutely blessing our lives with Kayla. She is doing so well in her new home and is adjusting quickly. Kayla (now Mia) was adopted just a few weeks ago and is already running her new house in San Diego. She loves her huge backyard and her new family. Garrett and I were initially concerned about the adjustment in our home, since we have two very bold Siamese cats. They are absolutely hilarious together and after just a few days were accepting of her — they even tolerate a lick every now and then from her!

She was very cautious about going for walks and rides in the car, but she is stellar now! We go for a jog every morning and she has won over several of the elderly neighbors who love to see her on her walk everyday. She also loves going for rides with Mom & Dad – and she had decided that the passenger seat is the place for her… even if someone is already sitting there! She is picking up quickly on all of our training and she is wonderfully housebroken. She has even learned to put her paw on the back door to let us know she needs to go outside!

She is an absolute dream and such a good-natured pup. She loves her home and we are having so much fun watching her grow! Mia has a best friend, Wyatt, who is a rescue pup and about the same age as Mia. Our good friend adopted him around the same time and they frequently go on playdates in each other’s backyard. They love each other and have so much fun together! Here are some pictures of Mia and Wyatt… enjoy!