Kaylee And River Look Forward To 2013!
Saturday, Jan 05,2013

This is long overdue, but we just wanted to update you about Kaylee (formerly known as Confetti) our shepherd mix.

Last March/April we adopted Kaylee during your adoption event in Huntington Beach. Kaylee has been well adjusted and doing fabulous with us since we adopted her. At first she was very timid and apprehensive to her new surroundings. It took sometime for her to understand her surroundings and within a week, she was well adjusted and showed so much happiness and love in her new home.

Around the same time we rescued Kaylee, we found her a great playmate, River (our adopted husky). She spends most of her days chasing birds, wrestling with River and playing fetch balls and Frisbees. She will do anything for a snack/treat and loves to go on long, long, long, long walks.

In the summer time, she loves to go in the pool to take a dip with River (supervised of course) and love to dig in the dirt.

She is the most loving dog and great member to our family. Thank you so much for finding Kaylee so that she could be apart of our lives. We wish your staff and all your rescue dogs all the best for the up coming year.

Happy 2013!