Keli’i Is The King Of The Hearth!
Sunday, Aug 12,2012

I hope all is well! I just wanted to send you guys a quick update on Keli’i formerly Eric Clapton to let you guys know how he’s doing. He’s such a great loving dog who loves to play especially with kids. Keli’i has grown in to such a large dog. He’s very tall for a German Shepherd and weighs 95 lbs and isn’t even 1 year old yet. Lots of people ask us if he’s mixed with Great Dane because of how tall he is. My wife and I love Keli’i so much and he’s definitely a huge part of our family. He comes to work with me everyday and he behaves when he’s at work. It’s almost like he knows I’m at work and that he’s supposed to be on good behavior so he never disturbs me or anyone here.

Back in April Keli’i passed his basic obedience class at Sirius K-9 Academy. This dog is ridiculously smart. He picks up everything very quickly and figures things out on his own!