Kendall’s Happy Ending
Wednesday, Nov 01,2006

Here’s a little update on how Kendall’s doing. She’s now been in our home for just over 2 months. She’s 6 months old weighing in at 41.9 lbs. She’s in puppy school at PetsMart and being a little defiant teenager. But she’s actually doing really good. We are in week 6 of training.

She has adapted very well with our other dogs. Velvet (the little one) is finally back to her normal self and she and Kendall play all the time. Bailey is playing mother and being a very good mentor to her. They play all the time too. Kendall was always trying to be friends with Jager (our old man) but he never wanted anything to do with her and we have just had to put him down due to a mass that displaced his colon and blocked his bladder. That was a week ago last Friday.

The vet says that Kendall has the longest tail they have every seen. And if she grows into it, she is going to be huge. She’s finally learning how to control her long legs and huge paws. She still ‘honks’ when she’s excited. She’s finally slept through the night. We found she was getting too warm during the night when sleeping in our daughter’s room so she’s now sleeping with us. She’s hot blooded just like Jager was.

Here are some pictures, hope you enjoy. By the way, the pictures do not do justice to her size.