Kenji Is A Gift
Friday, Dec 18,2009

I lost my dog of 16 yrs 3 months ago. While I wasn’t ready for a new dog yet, when the opportunity arose to foster Kenji I decided it would be nice to help this poor guy while recovering from his fractured leg. I knew he was “just a foster” because A) I wasn’t ready for another dog, B) he was a male, I only would ever consider females and C) he was so big. I didn’t want a dog that big. So technically he already had 3 strikes against him! But after 2 weeks he just warmed his way into my heart and there was no way for me to let him go. He is a big, loving sweetheart and such a puppy at heart. He makes me laugh everyday with the things he does and it’s such a joy to have a dog in the house again. Here is a picture of him from this weekend after running and playing with his canine friends. Looks like a completely different dog than the one from the website where he looks so sad and pathetic. Thank you for the wonderful gift!