Kina (Previously Chloe) Poses For Her Close-up
Wednesday, May 21,2008

Kina (formerly Chloe) has been with us about 10 days. Based on the experiences with our last German Shepherd and the description of her on your website, we were pretty sure wha kind of dog she would be…highly intelligent, alert, energetic, a little over the top with other dogs, but affectionate. She proved to be all that and more. She had virtually no issues we weren’t prepared for. We have a very open house here with teenage boys and girls walking in and out constantly, so she is still adjusting to the fluidity of her pack, but she’s doing quite well. We immediately took her to Dog Beach to let her run free and learn to socialize with other dogs. That has gone quite well altho she does better with dogs her own size due to the speed with with she runs and her body mass. She does want to herd the smaller dogs a bit and will occasionally give a friendly nip in the butt to stir up some action! We love her.