Kingston And Leya, Our New Family Members
Saturday, Nov 16,2013

After finally convincing Vanessa that maintaining three guinea pigs while daddy and Brandon are allergic to the hay is less than optimal, we were free to find a new family dog. The guinea pigs were just not providing the pet love this family needed…we are dog people! Don’t worry the guinea pigs were returned to the rescue (as required) they are fine.

Started canvassing the German Shepherd Rescue sites, and kept being drawn to German Shepherd Rescue Orange County – site professional and volunteers responded immediately.

Fast forward, we go to a German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County event in Costa Mesa. All decisions made for us….Kingston, the Bo look alike, immediately picked Gene, and after walking about 6 dogs with him, the kids went back to the first dog we walked him with, Leya. They did not know each other before that day, but they seem to both understand that their lives have forever changed …as have ours.

We have had them for one month. Leya is a rambunctious little girl at 8 months now, doing all things puppy – chewing, digging, jumping…oh joy! Kingston is 2 to 3 years old, and his past is unknown. He immediately bonded with Gene, and is a lovebug to his new pack. He is having more difficulty letting go of being the head alpha inside our house with guests. We are working with him on this issue. We need to let him know he is not the top dog here.

Enjoy the pic and stay tuned for our journey with our new family members. Hopefully by Christmas, Kingston will be ready for visitors. In the meantime, we are all available for walks and hikes!