Kip (Formerly Flint) Loves To Hike!
Wednesday, May 27,2009

Tony usually takes the dogs for a big morning hike so they can chase rabbits and then I join them for the evening hike. Here are some pictures from that hike. It shows the dogs when they want to go for a ride in the back of the truck together. Tony and I had just got back from Lowe’s with big bags of mulch. Since the weather has been beautiful they love the back but we only drive them around in the backseat…. Kip loves to chase rabbits and goes around the trails sniffing and exploring. You can see where our yard ends and where the forest behind us starts and this is where we go for our hikes.

By the way Kip will let both Tony and I rub his tummy all the time. He has started gaining weight!!!!! Our family is complete.