Koda (Formerly Jaeger) Is Doing Well!!
Monday, Jun 13,2011

Just another update regarding Jaeger! First of all, his name is now Koda, which means “friend” in Native american language, the Sioux Tribe to be exact. He is having the time of his life. He smiles a lot and is getting over his separation anxiety. He gets to do lots of fun things like go to the beach, the park, play with the boys, (and their friends)! He responds to his name very very well! His appetite is great! He is eating, even when I am not in the room, (great
achievement)! I don’t know what else to say, except he has done so much for our family, and we hope he feels the same, (like I said he
smiles all the time). We are a perfect fit for each other, and Koda says “Thank You” and we say “Thank You”! Thank you for all the work
you do. I just wanted to give you the positive feedback to let you know what you do is very very important!