Koda Has A Doting Mom, Fun Siblings AND A New Pool To Play In!
Saturday, Oct 15,2011

Just wanted to let you know how Micky is doing. We decided to change his name to Koda. Yesterday was very busy for him. It took about 30 minutes before he really got into playing with the girls. He found all of the treat containers and dog food within the hour, he is a smart boy. He explored most of the backyard, this morning he ventured over to the horse stalls and round pin. He loves the toy basket but can’t decide which toy to play with so all of them will do. He is now learning to share. He has a difficult time on the wood floor so when he wants to play he is moved to the carpet or outside. He has explored the entire house and learned the stairs quickly! His foster mom has done a great job raising this boy. He is a lover!