Kya (Formerly Mia) Is Quite The Student!
Saturday, Jun 27,2009

I just wanted to send a quick update on Kya since it’s been a while. She had a really tough time the first 4 sessions of school, but then she and Roger (trainer) had a bit of a “coming to terms” and she’s been really good ever since. She now knows (and actually 90% of the time does) sit, down, down from a distance and come. Steve takes her on Wednesday nights and I take her on Saturday mornings that way each of us have an hour of training ourselves! We decided to continue and paid for the year since we’ve seen quite a big difference…she’s learning so much plus she LOVES going to school. She gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot.

I cannot even begin to explain how impressed I am with your organization. So many of your volunteers show up every week with their fosters and the ones without fosters show up, take one of the German’s staying at Your Trainer Dot Com, and bring them to group class every week. Our first two sessions so many of your volunteers came up to Steve and I asking if our dog was Mia! I guess that those ears are a dead giveaway!

Kya has proven herself very trustworthy alone in the house now. We no longer lock her crate at night. She sleeps all night until about 5:30am when the cat starts antagonizing her and a game of chase begins. We’ve also left her in the house for a couple hours at a time and with the exception of a few stolen treats (she broke into a new bag of her dried chicken treats and ate an entire 1 lbs bag in one sitting!) but apart from that belly ache, she hasn’t done any damage at all.

Ellie and Kya are getting along much better now. Often times we find them in the bedroom sleeping within a few inches of each other. Sometimes I feel like Kya’s one goal in life is figuring out new ways to break into the cat’s food!