Lacy Is ROC’n Her Booties!
Saturday, May 05,2012

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone associated with the GSROC. It is because of the GSROC that I come home every day from work to my beautiful baby girl, Lacy. I always wanted to adopt another German Shepherd since I had one growing up as a child, but Lacy (Vizsla/Dogo mix) stole my heart from the moment that I became her foster mother. I couldn’t be happier with her adoption into my family. She is quite the cuddle bug and has taken the role as the protector of the household (she even huffs/growls at those who are over 100 yards away from our house). She is absolutely amazing with my little cousins and those she knows. However, we will not be going to the dog beach anytime soon ;). She loves loves loves loves to run especially with my mom at the track, however, since she put a hole in my mom’s leather seats she now has to wear doggie booties in the car (pictured here). She now weighs a solid 87 pounds (pure muscle according to her vet; yay!). Thank you again for all you do GSROC!!