Lakota and his buddy
Saturday, Jul 29,2006

We just wanted to provide an update and continued note of appreciation for the addition of Lakota (Tej) to our family pack. In just a few short months Lakota has transformed from an explosive, but fun loving pup who had to be on a leash when inside the house to a very cuddily and steady member of the family. We even added a friend for Lakota, a Retriever mix named Hayden we adopted from Cuddily Canines. They have become best friends, playing endlessly in the backyard, going on daily walks, and rough-housing with our three little boys. As you can see from the attached photo, Lakota has developed into a gorgeous dog with a beautiful profile. He draws the eyes of others wherever we go. Just the other day a passing man said, “That’s the proudest looking dog I’ve ever seen!”